The computerised security register

Identify all the equipment in your buildings

Implement them graphically and handle them directly from your plans

Manage your equipment: update control dates, take measurements, process corrective actions, forecast future deadlines...

Justify your means of traceability: searches in the history, generation of reports, analyses...

Global management of your security, safety and technical installations

The objective of AGESS is to list and identify all the elements for which you wish to have a follow-up in terms of recurring controls, whether they are regulatory (annual verification) or part of an internal procedure (visual inspection to be justified every month for example).

The concerned elements are categorized by family with the aim of a management adapted to each of them (follow-up of the water pressure for the RIA, renewal of the periodic trainings of the personnel, replacement of the fire extinguishers older than 10 years, listing of the current key transfers, ...).

This database management allows :

  • Modularity and scalability over time (you select the options that correspond to your current needs and can add more later)
  • A wide range of families to choose from, making AGESS suitable for any sector of activity, of any size
  • Precise and individual traceability of equipment
  • The definition of user rights according to families (for example, one person manages the fire department while another is in charge of training) or locations (one person can only access data from site A while another can only access building 2 of the same site A)

The various control cycles are programmed in AGESS (they are pre-programmed by default, but you can customize them at will).

When opening the equipment sheet, its status is clearly visible: latest inspection dates with a marker indicating whether it is up to date, approaching or expired, presence of an anomaly.

It is possible to attach any document to each date update, such as the maintenance company's verification report/certificate, for example, which will be archived and available for consultation in order to be able to justify the conformity of its equipment to the authorities, control organisms or any administrative service.

This is precisely the role of the traditional paper safety register that AGESS fulfills in digital form.

In addition, you can edit, automatically or not, the forecasted maintenance statements at any time :

  • Estimated quantity of future checks
  • Provisional budget
  • Detailed list of equipment to be checked over a given period, to be given to the service provider in charge of the checks, which will feed your safety register once it has been signed and stamped
  • Status report at a given time to identify the equipment still to be inspected, or at the end of the maintenance campaign to reveal the "forgotten" elements

Process your data in a graphical interface

This feature allows you to recreate the structure of your sites and to integrate the level plans of the buildings. You can organize it as you wish and there is no limit to the number of plans.

The background plans can be in different formats: WMF, AutoCad DWG, JPEG, PDF... You can use the plan files you already have at your disposal.

The graphical interface allows you to have an instant visual overview of the implementation of your equipment. It is the support for the visual representation of the equipment of all the families that you manage, backed by a system of layers that allows you to make certain families visible or not, depending on your needs, in order to facilitate the reading of the plans.

You can reproduce on the screen the gestures made in the real world : when you move an equipment, you just have to reproduce the gesture on AGESS by a simple drag and drop. The new location is then updated automatically.

Complementary tools for measuring surface area and distance help you control the number of fire extinguishers, for example, the distance between two pieces of equipment in a hallway, the length of tube required for an RIA to reach a room, etc...

Reports, listings and analysis tools

  • Leverage data with a simple and powerful report generator
  • Quickly edit lists, counts, pivot tables and graphs
  • Export to standard formats (PDF, JPEG, ..) and send reports by email as a request for intervention
  • Generate status reports, quantitative and budgetary predictions
  • Generate lists to feed your paper security register
  • Create your own report templates linked to the text processing software you already use

Data update in the field

Less data entry

Data entry is done directly on rugged, professional Android-based smartphones, which act like an electronic pen and paper. All necessary functions are gathered there :

  • Anomaly detection
  • Carrying out a verification or a visual control
  • Specify the operations performed
  • To make an exchange between 2 materials
  • Take measurements according to the characteristics of the equipment (temperature, level, pressure, ...)

More rapidity

The work is done only once, in the field, and transcribed in a clear and identical way for the users. The update of the data when the equipment is returned saves a lot of time.

More precision

Thanks to this system, you can be more precise in the follow-up of the operations carried out (change of part and others) because it does not take more time on the ground.

Compatible with CARONDE security patrols management

The readers operated by AGESS BARCOD are fully compatible with our patrols management software CARONDE. This optimizes your hardware investment, as the devices can be used either for surveillance patrols or for technical monitoring.

The same software module embedded in the device in both cases facilitates the work of the agents.

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Latest AGESS update

In order to take full advantage of the latest features of AGESS, please ensure that the version you have installed is up-to-date.

Please note: you must install the appropriate patch for your version.
Installing an update for version 12 on a version 11 or lower will not work and may compromise the proper functioning of your software, or even the integrity of your data.
The software version is shown to you at the login prompt at launch.

In all cases, we recommend that you make a backup of your data beforehand.

If you need help or information about an older version, please contact us.

AGESS patch version 12.00.219 released on 01/10/2021  Download